Petit Jean State Park

Blueberries, Empty Water Bottles and a 5 Hour Hike

My family and a few friends decided we wanted to hike to Petit Jean’s Waterfall, we did it, and took a 2 hour detour and the way back.

When we get to this bridge, we can go right 1/2 mile for the Waterfall or left 1 mile for the Blue Hole.


We went to the right, along the way we hiked beside and thru the water that comes out of the fall. It had just rained the day before, so the water was gushing over hard and fast, misting us all. The pictures don’t even do the size justice.

We spend a hour at the waterfall; taking pictures, enjoying the view, snacking and resting. When it was time to go we packed everything up and started the hike back. On the way, we discussed and made the decisions to go the 1 mile down to the Blue Hole.

The trail was mostly flat and easy, we saw a snake, and ran out of water. but when we got to the “hole” it was overflowing due to the rain and we couldn’t see or cross the rocks.

Very underwhelming experience for a 2 mile round trip detour. On the walk back all I had left was my bag of blueberries, and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed blueberries more than in that moment, when I had no water.

Next time I go hiking, I will bring more snacks and even more water.

full photo album HERE

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