SUP Outfitters

Stand Up Paddle Boarding; A Relaxing Sport for just about everyone.

I drove 4 hours expecting to have a fun day, and that’s what I got. The first few minutes on the board where quite scary, and all about learning how to stand up/paddle correctly. Once we got the hang of the motions we were off to the waterfalls.

The scenery was something you couldn’t see from just being on land. So beautiful and relaxing.

The owner, Melody, was so nice and down to earth. She taught us about safety on the boards, and how to act when boats are passing by.


She was totally open to me filming the day, even had the attatchments that allowed the GoPro to screw into the board. So, I made a little video!

And Megan Graddy, from 5 news, came on the adventure with us. Here is her video/article!

If you live in the Eureka Springs area, or even Arkansas, I highly advise you to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding with SUP Outfitters. Be prepared to use your core and biceps more than you think.


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