WJMC 2017 Day One

July 9, 2017; 8:27AM

Three airports and two flights later, I arrive at Dulles, only to find out that my luggage was still in Arkansas. I filed a delayed baggage claim, and 2 hours later was notified that it was on the next plane to Dulles.


I met my FA and JFA, Melissa and Nathan. Then all of us in pink group, went to our small group room and started to learn about eachother.


My bag landed at the airport, and we had to figure out the logistics of getting it to GMU Campus. While that is happening, we went into our first small group, and attempted to learn every ones’ name.


Sonya Gavankar was the keynote speaker, and I was in awe of her, to say the least. She stayed relevant and added jokes, while telling us straight up truths about the journalism industry.

“When you start making small mistakes in your job, you know you have stretched yourself too thin”



My group spent the next 2 hours team building, creating our own elevator pitches, and talking about personal and professional image.


Many calls later, and my luggage was still not on campus.

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big thanks to Elena, Ali, and Nathan for dealing with this luggage nightmare all day and trying to make me less stressed as possible.

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