WJMC 2017 Day Four

July 12, 2017 8:24AM

At my color group meeting, we started off with team building. First we played human knot, yes I am climbing over everyone’s arms, and we lost. Then we played ships and sailors, and I lost.


Nicole Livas, President of Nicole Livas Media, gave us tips on how to survive in journalism, as well as expanding your network.

“Know how to digest facts, and make them compelling stories”
“Don’t let people tell you journalism is dead, but it is not easy”


Kennedy, Pierce, and I bonding over stocking up on bananas for snacks after lunch.


I got to introduce, Alex Rosenwald, Director of PR for MediaDC. He talked about how social media affects how he does his job, how to build a clientele, and push past boundries.

“Resumes are your story, so take time to make them perfect”
“You can’t buy contacts and relationships”


Megan ATB Reese, free lance photographer and producer, whose resume includes working for Animal Planet, Travel Channel, National Geographic, and many more. She told us to take a chance at every event even if you think the email or call will get turned down.

“Everybody has a price, you just have to know how much your worth”


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