WJMC 2017 Day Five

July 13, 2017 9:22AM

We started the day off by going to the Capitol to pictures. From there we got to explore inside the National Mall boundaries all afternoon.

I went to the National Gallery of Art with some people from lime. We went thru all the exhibits of the east building. Then, we explored the streets of DC till time to load the buses.


Then it was time for the highly anticipated gala. I was having a good time singing, dancing, and talking with everyone.

Until I dislocated my knee cap one hour in. I hopped to a chair and notifed the A Team. Selina and Rachel came to the rescue to calm me down, and doctor me up. They got me situated on a couch with an ice pack and elevated my leg with pillows.

To lighten the mood, everyone in my group circled around me to sing and dance, because I was incapable. It was one of the most heart warming things I have ever experienced. Although I missed the infamous last song, Journey’s Don’t Stop Believing, I was glad to get back to my room to sleep. I get carried by three of my group members to the bus, which was our last ride ever. And the last fist bump.

Full Photo Album
Big thanks to Nathan, Selina, and Rachel for getting me water, ice packs, a wheelchair, and checking on me.

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