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My First: Summer 2017

During the summer of 2017, I experienced many firsts in my life. Some of which taught me so much about myself and will forever leave an impact. 1. I flew for the first time and alone to DC, where I had a life changing week at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference. 2. I went to two… Continue reading My First: Summer 2017

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What I ate in DC for WJMC (vegan)

As a vegan in DC for the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, there were many meals where I didn't know what to expect. I knew before leaving for DC that I couldn't rely on what the conference had to provide. I've been vegan for two years, and know better than to expect someone who isn't… Continue reading What I ate in DC for WJMC (vegan)

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WJMC Day Six

July 14, 2017, 7:12AM We got up early just to have our last breakfast together as the 2017 Session 1 Pink Group. Even though some slept in and missed the party, we had a blast laughing together one last time.   My Thank Yous To Melissa. You will always be my WJMC Mom. Thank you… Continue reading WJMC Day Six

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WJMC Day Five

July 13, 2017 9:22AM We started the day off by going to the Capitol to pictures. From there we got to explore inside the National Mall boundaries all afternoon. I went to the National Gallery of Art with some people from lime. We went thru all the exhibits of the east building. Then, we explored… Continue reading WJMC Day Five

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WJMC Day Four

July 12, 2017 8:24AM At my color group meeting, we started off with team building. First we played human knot, yes I am climbing over everyone's arms, and we lost. Then we played ships and sailors, and I lost. 2:05PM Nicole Livas, President of Nicole Livas Media, gave us tips on how to survive in… Continue reading WJMC Day Four

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WJMC Day Three

July 11, 2017 9:37AM Rene Marsh, Aviation Correspondent for CNN, and Michelle Marsh, Anchor for ABC channel 7, talked to us about how to gain respect and make an impression as a female in the journalism industry. As well as taking care of yourself, in an industry that is so fast paced. "You get respect… Continue reading WJMC Day Three

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WJMC Day Two

July 10, 2017 8:24AM Firstly, we went to the Newseum. My favorite exhibits were; the 9/11, wall of journalist who have passed, Berlin Wall, and Pulitzer Prize Photo Gallery. 3:32PM Ron Meyer, Editor of Red Alert Politics, as a politician he had a great balance of talking politics and about issues millennials are interested in.… Continue reading WJMC Day Two

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WJMC Day One

July 9, 2017; 8:27AM Three airports and two flights later, I arrive at Dulles, only to find out that my luggage was still in Arkansas. I filed a delayed baggage claim, and 2 hours later was notified that it was on the next plane to Dulles. 2:21PM I met my FA and JFA, Melissa and… Continue reading WJMC Day One

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SUP Outfitters

Stand Up Paddle Boarding; A Relaxing Sport for just about everyone. I drove 4 hours expecting to have a fun day, and that's what I got. The first few minutes on the board where quite scary, and all about learning how to stand up/paddle correctly. Once we got the hang of the motions we were… Continue reading SUP Outfitters

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Petit Jean State Park

Blueberries, Empty Water Bottles and a 5 Hour Hike My family and a few friends decided we wanted to hike to Petit Jean's Waterfall, we did it, and took a 2 hour detour and the way back. When we get to this bridge, we can go right 1/2 mile for the Waterfall or left 1… Continue reading Petit Jean State Park