My First: Summer 2017

During the summer of 2017, I experienced many firsts in my life. Some of which taught me so much about myself and will forever leave an impact.

1. I flew for the first time and alone to DC, where I had a life changing week at the Washington Journalism and Media Conference.

2. I went to two Arkansas State Parks with my family; Toltec Mounds and Petit Jean.

3. I experienced my first injury, a fractured patella.

4. My family and I successfully escaped a room with 13:49 minutes to spare.

5. I grew a mother scoby, and started the fermentation process to make kombucha.

6. I learned how to Stand Up Paddle Board.

7. My family harvested many different veggies and herbs in a hydroponics garden.

8. Lastly, I had many firsts in my veganism journey: making “cheese” dip, pickles, smokey tofu, and many new desserts.

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SUP Outfitters

Stand Up Paddle Boarding; A Relaxing Sport for just about everyone.

I drove 4 hours expecting to have a fun day, and that’s what I got. The first few minutes on the board where quite scary, and all about learning how to stand up/paddle correctly. Once we got the hang of the motions we were off to the waterfalls.

The scenery was something you couldn’t see from just being on land. So beautiful and relaxing.

The owner, Melody, was so nice and down to earth. She taught us about safety on the boards, and how to act when boats are passing by.


She was totally open to me filming the day, even had the attatchments that allowed the GoPro to screw into the board. So, I made a little video!

And Megan Graddy, from 5 news, came on the adventure with us. Here is her video/article!

If you live in the Eureka Springs area, or even Arkansas, I highly advise you to try Stand Up Paddle Boarding with SUP Outfitters. Be prepared to use your core and biceps more than you think.

Petit Jean State Park

Blueberries, Empty Water Bottles and a 5 Hour Hike

My family and a few friends decided we wanted to hike to Petit Jean’s Waterfall, we did it, and took a 2 hour detour and the way back.

When we get to this bridge, we can go right 1/2 mile for the Waterfall or left 1 mile for the Blue Hole.


We went to the right, along the way we hiked beside and thru the water that comes out of the fall. It had just rained the day before, so the water was gushing over hard and fast, misting us all. The pictures don’t even do the size justice.

We spend a hour at the waterfall; taking pictures, enjoying the view, snacking and resting. When it was time to go we packed everything up and started the hike back. On the way, we discussed and made the decisions to go the 1 mile down to the Blue Hole.

The trail was mostly flat and easy, we saw a snake, and ran out of water. but when we got to the “hole” it was overflowing due to the rain and we couldn’t see or cross the rocks.

Very underwhelming experience for a 2 mile round trip detour. On the walk back all I had left was my bag of blueberries, and I don’t think I’ve enjoyed blueberries more than in that moment, when I had no water.

Next time I go hiking, I will bring more snacks and even more water.

full photo album HERE

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My Hair Journey

Anybody that knows me, knows I’m always changing and evolving. Whether it be my mind-set on topics, eating habits, hair style/color; the list is endless.

I have been dying my hair for as long as I can remember, and when people ask “whats your natural hair color” I answer “honestly I don’t know”. (ayyye I did some digging in photo albums, exact date of first dye March 2011).

So, I have put together a timeline of my hair recently.

May 2016; Brown

1. 2016 May

August 11, 2016; Red-Brown

This happened because I have always had variations of brown, and wanted to change things up for the start of Junior Year. Not my best/favorite move…

November 10, 2016; Dark Brown

After that, I felt like I needed to go back to brown, which ironically is why I wanted to go red. And I cut off a few inches.

January 5, 2017; Brown with hints of Purple and Pink

SOOO… this is a bit drastic than what I usually do. I wanted to have vibrant colors in my hair without it being full coverage.

Emily suggested we bleach pieces, basically chunky highlights, so the purple will show up differently on the bleached vs brown. Knowing me, I just agree, because WHY NOT. Resulting in spending 5 hours in the chair, but I loved it.

February 23, 2017; The start of being a Blonde

The purple was fun, but short lived because I wanted to go blonde for Prom.

I walked into the salon, and the other stylist go “what are you doing now?”. At this point I have no expectations, all I know is that I want to bleach my hair and see how blonde it gets.

It wasn’t too bad, pretty even coverage for the first round. The only thing that stood out was the pieces that framed my face were still brown. I bought purple shampoo to try and reach maximum blondness.

I went back on April 6, 2017: and everything got blonder except the pieces I wanted, some in the back of my head where almost white!

My hairstylist knew I wanted the whole purpose of this transition to blonde was for prom, and with it right around the corner we knew the brown would show up in pictures. So I came in on April 19, 2017, two days before prom, and got a touch up with bleach.

The END GOAL of three bleaching sessions and lots of purple shampoo, April 22, 2017, she did my prom hair; 2 braids with a bun and curls.

November 2017; Purple

Big thanks to Emily Granados at Classic Hair Creations for putting up with me when i’m wanting to change things up with my hair!!

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Big Rock Fun Park


I got the 4 activity bracelet. Which allowed me to choose any four actives. I choose Mini Golf, Go Karts, and the Maze.

We played a game of 18-hole Mini Golf.

Then, went to the Go Kartz.

Lastly, The Maze; We were timed, and had to find each letter. At each letter where was a whole punch, where you must punch that letter out on the card.

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Last season, my family made a hydroponics tower, the one in the picture. It was filled with veggies and herbs, and produced all that we planted.

We knew we wanted more than just tomatoes and bell peppers, so we made a full blown Garden out of PVC Pipe (pictured above).

Pictured here is some of the things we have growing.

UPDATE: As of May 21, 2017, we have picked broccoli, chives, lettuce, green onion, cucumbers, tomatoes, squash, eggplant, potatoes, green beans, peas, peppermint, dill, parsley, and oregano.

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Family Weekend

We had a long drive ahead of us to get to Kansas City. For dinner we stopped at BYOPizza. It was the first time for me to go there, and I wasn’t let down!


Once in Kansas City, we ate at FUD for lunch, a 100% vegan restaurant that has became a favorite of mine after our many trips to KC.

Then, It was time for the wedding. Located at the Weston Red Barn Farm, they had it beautifully decorated with flowers and lights.

The next morning on our way back home, we had to stop at another favorite, Mud Pie Vegan Bakery & Coffeehouse.

Mud Pie
Espresso Chip Muffin and Hazelnut Almond milk Latte

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