What I Ate At WJMC 2017 (vegan)

As a vegan in DC for the Washington Journalism and Media Conference, there were many meals where I didn’t know what to expect.

I knew before leaving for DC that I couldn’t rely on what the conference had to provide. I’ve been vegan for two years, and know better than to expect someone who isn’t used to cooking vegan know how to make a proper vegan meal. Especially walking into Southside, I knew to grab bananas and hope for the best.

Veganism is a touchy subject in restaurants, and most chefs don’t understand what exactly it is. So they just roast veggies and call it a day. Which isn’t what I would voluntarily eat on a normal day.

Day One

Dinner at Johnson Center


Day Two

Breakfast at Southside, Lunch at Newseum, and Dinner at Gordon Biersch


Day Three

Breakfast at Southside, Lunch at Buca De Beppo, and Dinner at Soutside


Day Four

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at Southside


Day Five

I brought Breakfast, Lunch UberEats Fare Well, and Dinner at Westfields Marriott


There is no access to a fridge or microwave, so any food brought needs to be non-perishable. Therefore, I brought shelve stable Protein Shakes, Cliff Bars, Cookies, Pretzels and more to snack on through the day and at night. It became a running joke that at every meal, I would grab two bananas. Which came in handy because I would share them.

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The Beyond Burger

While scrolling through Instagram Stories, I saw Beyond Meat posted a Master List of all the locations where The Beyond Burger is sold.

I figured I might as well check to see if they are anywhere near me. And the only Whole Foods in my state that sold them was only a short 30 minute drive from me. I called them 45 minutes before close to make sure they had them in stock. A Vhey did so, I drove to the store right away.

I walked in on a mission to get in and out of the store, and I did!! Leaving with 4 packages of The Beyond Burger, some Lightlife veggie dogs, and Heidi Ho cheese dip.

They were a hit!! As the only vegan in the family, I had everyone eating them, even the “meat-eaters”

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Family Weekend

We had a long drive ahead of us to get to Kansas City. For dinner we stopped at BYOPizza. It was the first time for me to go there, and I wasn’t let down!


Once in Kansas City, we ate at FUD for lunch, a 100% vegan restaurant that has became a favorite of mine after our many trips to KC.

Then, It was time for the wedding. Located at the Weston Red Barn Farm, they had it beautifully decorated with flowers and lights.

The next morning on our way back home, we had to stop at another favorite, Mud Pie Vegan Bakery & Coffeehouse.

Mud Pie
Espresso Chip Muffin and Hazelnut Almond milk Latte

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