From the cursive font to the degree of the slant, I was responsible for creating most of the design of the 2018 yearbook. Over the few months that I was creating spreads, my passion for graphic design flourished. I never though I would enjoy looking at a blank spread and putting all my creativity into it.


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Published: 2018 Panther Yearbook. Behind the design: During a brainstorm session for the theme in April 2017, I wrote on the board “everything/everyday”. It became the theme and our design element became a / at 285 degrees.

On the cover, ensheet, title, and dividers the same positioned slant is used as the introduction for the element. Throughout the rest of the book variations of the 285 degree angle was used. Whether it was repeating lines or angles boxes. Although it was our main design element, we didn’t want it to over take the spreads. We made sure it only appeared no more than four times on spreads, some only have it once.


Cursive Font

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Published: 2018 Panther Yearbook. Behind the design: In all previous books, standard Yearbook Avenue fonts were used, but this year we wanted to change that pattern. I searched for hours to find the perfect font, and ended up purchasing Ernest and Emily from Nicky Laatz on Creative Market.

Each time the font is used I had to type the word in Photoshop, export it as a PNG, upload it to the image library and place it on the page. It took more time and effort than if we used a YBA font, but I believe it was worth it.

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One thing that wasn’t planned was for the font to become one of our design elements, but it did. We had the slant, but didn’t want to place it on everything. So in places where we didn’t have the slant we used the font. Often times we used the slant and font together.


Front End Sheet


Published: 2018 Panther Yearbook, front end sheet. Behind the design: This design was what I pitched during a cover brainstorming session in April 2017. We as a staff decided we didn’t want pictures on the cover, but thought the design would be perfect on the front end sheet. I designed it with another staff member while at Starbucks. We used the same slant that is on the cover and incorporated the folio design for the table of contents. I chose pictures that showcased everything and everyday of the school.

Homecoming/Spirit Week Special Coverage


Published: 2018 Panther Yearbook, Page 28-29. Behind the design: I was tasked with creating a spread that would showcase every day of spirit week. I knew I wanted to take pictures of students outfits, and we hadn’t used cobbed photos any where. So everyday at lunch I would walk around the cafeteria and main building taking photos of the best outfits. That night I would cob the photos, making sure I had enough to fill the allotted space.

Once I filled all the space with students outfits, I needed to fill the space at the bottom while featuring everything homecoming. I did a section on the pep rally and the other on the homecoming parade.


Monthly Dividers


Published: 2018 Panther Yearbook, Page 18-19, 70-71. Behind the design: We do our book monthly by academics, clubs, sports, and student life therefore we have dividers that separate each month. Instead of doing a picture and caption, I decided to do a special coverage page on each divider that related to everything, everyday. Such as students key chains and backpacks.

For the September divider, I figured we eat everyday, lets cover students favorite food. After we found the students and there food of choice. I went to every restaurant and photographed the item they said.

For the January divider, I realized that every new year, we get a wave of new trends and old ones come back. Once we found all the students, we told each student to wear the item the next day, then I photographed them.


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